Tired of paying for a gym membership you don’t use?

Searching for a workout option you actually ENJOY?

Looking for something low impact but still effective?

It’s time to give EQUIPMENT BASED PILATES a try.

We Love To Help…

New moms: Let us help you get your body toned up, strengthened, & feeling great again.


Runners/endurance athletes: Let us help you improve your core strength, stability, & flexibility for better performance.


Chronic pain conditions: Let us help you discover a workout that you can actually do that ultimately helps your body feel better.


Busy people: Let us help you take 55 minutes once or twice a week to tone, strengthen and lengthen your body efficiently during each session.


Equipment Based Pilates is perfect for:

  • Men, Women & Children Ages 11 -122
  • Those Who Never Work Out
  • Those Who Always Work Out

Feel better. Look better. Live better.

What our students are saying…